Living in Harmony with the Truth
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Ekan Ikeguchi Ph.D
Taisuke Hamada
Fumiyoshi Iwashima;Huiying Li,D.Litt;Ryoichi Nagata,M.D.,Ph.D.
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188mm x 128mm
NT $ 150.
  【About Ekan Ikeguchi】
  • Postgraduate Doctoral Degree, Yamaguchi University, School of Medicine (1999); Bachelor of Arts Degree, Koyasan University, School of Literature, Department of Mikkyo Studies (1959)
  • Koyasan Dento Daiajari (Grand master of the Dharma Transmission in the Shingon esoteric Buddhism lineage); Chief Abbot, EboshizanSaifukujiTemple
  • Board of Directors, Society of Japanese Alternative Medicine;Advisor of the Board, Japanese Society of Preventative Medicine;Chancellor, SaifukuSchool;Director, KoyasanSchool;
  • Professor and Doctor of Medicine, Khavarovsk National Medical College, Russia; Advisor, Adjunct Professor, and Honorary Doctor of History, Center of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Science;Adjunct Professor, Hyogo Medical University;
  • Guest Lecturer: Kyoto Medical University and Graduate School;Yamaguchi National University, Department of Medicine;Hiroshima National University, Department of Medicine;Hiroshima National University, Department of Dentistry;Kanazawa National University, Department of Medicine; Kurume University, Department of Medicine;Okayama National University, Department of Medicine;Osaka National University, Department of Health & Fitness; Hirosaki National University, Department of Medicine;Oita National University, Department of Medicine;Tottori National University, Department of Medicine;Kochi National University, Department of Medicine; Fukui National University, Department of Medicine; Sangyo Medical University
  • Performed 1,000,000-stick Goma Ritual (a Shingon Buddhist fire ritual and ceremony during which one million wooden sticks are burned - a feat, which no one else has achieved in history); Performed 8,000-stick Goma Ritual 91 times.
  • Brazil Geographical Society Cultural Award, (1969, 1974); Asia Peace Award (1995); GPU Peace Award (1998); Mikkyo Fine Arts and Literature Award (2002)
  【About Taisuke Hamada】
  • Born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan (1932)
  • Masters Degree (1957) and Undergraduate Degree (1955), KyotoCityUniversity of Arts
  • Painter of traditional Japanese style water-color art
  • His works include wall paintings of 3 temples designated as World Cultural Heritage in Kyoto, Japan: Daikaku-ji (1992), Daigo-ji (1999), and Kyo-ou-gokoku-ji (2005)
  • Many of his works are exhibited in museums such as The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, The Museum of Modern Art Kamakura and Hayama, ContemporaryArtsMuseum in Houston, and The Art Institute of Chicago.
  • More than 86 exhibits around the worl


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